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Women union members in Tunisia campaign to support an end to gender-based violence at work, efforts supported by the Solidarity Center. Credit: Media Makhlouf

The Solidarity Center in Tunisia works with labor unions to strengthen their capacity to respond to workers’ needs and promote their rights.

The Solidarity Center supports the efforts of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT), a 2015 co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for its role in brokering a peaceful path to democracy, in establishing true democracy in the country.

The Solidarity Center also assists the UGTT address the urgent need to engage with and reach out to workers by empowering women and young workers to become more active trade union members, campaign for worker rights and democracy and take part in high-level union leadership.

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Tunisia: 3,800 Center Workers Win Nearly 14% Wage Boost

Some 3,800 call center workers at Teleperformance in Tunisia won a 13.8 percent wage increase and other key contract gains after staging actions and planning a strike in Tunis, the capital, and other cities. Represented by the Tunisia General Labor Union (UGTT), the...

Workers With Disabilities Speak Out in Tunisian Documentary

Nabil El-Moumni, a Tunisian disability rights advocate and blind receptionist at the local hospital of Mareth, Gabes, advocated--and won--important changes at his workplace to accommodate both workers and patients with disabilities. At his urging, the hospital...

Women Agricultural Workers Push for Safe Transport in Tunisia

While most consumers do not think twice when they select tomatoes, grapes or other readily available fresh produce in grocery stores, many of the agricultural workers around the world who spend their days harvesting vegetables, fruits and grains to fill the plates of...
French, Moroccan and Tunisian Unions Plan Call-Center Strike

French, Moroccan and Tunisian Unions Plan Call-Center Strike

Citing dangerous work conditions and inadequate wages, an imminent call-center strike was announced this week by French union Solidaires Unitaires et Démocratiques (SUD), with the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) and Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT). The strike will...

Tunisia Union Campaign Wins Big Victory for Workers with Disabilities

Tunisia Union Campaign Wins Big Victory for Workers with Disabilities

When the Tunisian Parliament this summer approved a law increasing the percentage of people with disabilities in civil service, union activists and their allies in the disability rights and human rights movements took a moment to celebrate the victory—and to reflect...

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