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In Myanmar, the Solidarity Center works with union partners in agricultural, garment and other industrial sectors. Credit: Solidarity Center/Tula Connell

The Solidarity Center, which provided assistance to Burmese union leaders who were exiled under the military dictatorship until 2011, works with the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar (CTUM) and other partners in Burma’s growing trade union movement in agricultural, garment, woodworking and other industrial sectors.

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Two Women Union Leaders Arrested in Myanmar; Total Now 20+

Two union leaders in Myanmar recently have been arrested for their participation in pro-democracy rallies, and unions worldwide are calling for governments to halt trade and other financial support that provide backing to the country’s military government. The total...

Myanmar Workers Shut Down Country to Demand Democracy

Nurses, doctors and other health workers rallied in central Myanmar over the weekend, despite the government’s brutal repression against workers peacefully protesting for an end to the military coup launched on February 1. Military and police have killed at least 249...

Workers Killed in Myanmar as Crackdown Intensifies

At least two union members were confirmed killed by the Myanmar military this week and at least six workers were shot dead at the Xing Jia shoe factory in the Hlaing Thar Yar industrial zone Tuesday, according to union leaders. The factory workers, including the woman...
Myanmar Garment Workers Stand Strong, Win New Pact

Myanmar Garment Workers Stand Strong, Win New Pact

Workers at the Myan Mode garment factory in Myanmar (Burma) are celebrating the  return to the job of many recently fired union members. Following a two-month fight against the factory’s attempt to use COVID-19 to destroy their union, they won an agreement May 30 that...

Myanmar Factory Uses COVID-19 to Union Bust

Myanmar Factory Uses COVID-19 to Union Bust

While workers around the world scramble for physical and economic safety amid the global pandemic, some factory owners in Southeast Asia see the crisis as an opportunity to attack workers’ unions to increase profits and deny worker voice. On March 28, the Myan Mode...

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