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New Domestic Worker Organization in Ukraine

In Ukraine, domestic workers formed the country’s first organization for domestic workers, including childcare workers, this week. The organization’s formation is part of a growing global movement to assert the rights of this vast, mostly hidden and  primarily female workforce, as laid out in International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 189, Decent Work for Domestic Workers. The… [READ MORE]

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Workers Craft Rule on Gender-Based Violence at Work

Workers and their unions are starting discussions this week on a global standard that would address violence and harassment in the world of work. They join representatives of employers and governments at the June 10–20 International Labor Conference (ILC) in Geneva, where they are championing an International Labor Organization (ILO) convention with a strong focus… [READ MORE]

Gender-based violence at work, Solidarity Center

Gender-Based Violence at Work Video in Sinhala and Tamil

Solidarity Center’s video on gender-based violence at work is now available in Sinhala and Tamil. The two-minute video explains the forms of gender-based violence at work, which include bullying, verbal abuse and stalking, systemic gendered imbalance between employers and workers that enables employers to get away with unsafe working conditions and other worker abuses. The… [READ MORE]

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In the months-long assault on Bangladesh garment workers protesting poverty wages that began in December women have borne the brunt of the retaliation. And it is increasingly evident that gender-based harassment and violence is the weapon of choice to target worker rights activists in Bangladesh, writes the Solidarity Center’s Monika Hartsel.

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