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Video on Gender-Based Violence at Work Now in Spanish

[En Español] Solidarity Center’s recently released video on gender-based violence at work is now available in Spanish. The two-minute video explains the forms of gender-based violence at work, which include bullying, verbal abuse and stalking, systemic gendered imbalance between employers and workers that enables employers to get away with unsafe working conditions and other worker… [READ MORE]

Zimbabwe: Beaten, Arrested Union Leaders Released

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) President Peter Mutasa and Secretary General Japhet Mayo, along with 33 other trade unionists who were arrested, and some beaten Thursday, were released from jail Saturday. The violent action by police was designed to prevent a national workers’ protest against rising prices and a financial tax increase. Some 150 police cordoned off… [READ MORE]

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Unions, employers and governments are recognizing that eradicating gender-based violence at work is necessary to achieve the safe and dignified workplaces we all want and deserve. We need to ensure that women’s voices remain at the center of these efforts to avoid repeating what we have already seen—laws, policies and enforcement that have been ineffective… [READ MORE]

“Today’s global supply chains contain large quantities of temporary and contract labor. There is virtually no legal accountability for lead firms when it comes to human rights, as they subcontract out the vast majority of the work – and their responsibility,” says Shawna Bader-Blau, Solidarity Center executive director.

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