Women Make Historic Gains in New Iraq Labor Law

Women workers made important gains under Iraq’s new labor law, the country’s first ever to prohibit sexual harassment at the workplace. The law clearly defines sexual harassment and specifies penalties for perpetrators. Women union activists led their unions in fighting for this protection. “The law also addresses the arbitrary dismissal of workers and other issues… [READ MORE]

Iraq Trade Union Bulletin

  • February 12, 2016
  • Iraq Trade Union Bulletin

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Workers Win New Labor Law in Iraq

The Iraqi parliament passed a new labor law on Monday, marking a victory for workers and civil society who have long fought for a legal framework that would protect the interests of workers. The consensus version of the law was hammered out by representatives of workers and civil society with government officials earlier this month… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Cement Workers Stand up for Rights at Work

Some 350 workers at the Karbala cement plant signed a petition in April requesting representation in negotiations with management after management refused a similar request by a group of workers in February. The workers signed the petition after months of outreach by their co-workers to educate them on their rights. Although Iraq law prohibits the… [READ MORE]

In Iraq, Public-Sector Workers Stand up for Their Rights

Tens of thousands of workers in self-financed companies under Iraq’s Ministry of Industry who have not been paid for months are renewing their push for a long-term solution to the crisis, and many are looking to form unions. Last fall, Iraq workers staged a series of protests to demand their wages. In February, some received… [READ MORE]

Unions Urge ILO to Take up Gender-Based Workplace Violence

Violence against women takes many forms, and can happen in the home, in public spaces—and on the job. At the workplace, 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced violence. This November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, unions around the world are calling for the International Labor Organization (ILO) to pass… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Workers Hone Organizing Skills, Gain Rights on the Job

Transport workers at Gulftainer in the Iraqi port of Om Qasr port formed a union committee in November following a three-year organizing effort that involved raising awareness among workers about their rights on the job. Recognizing they would be better able to negotiate for improved wages and working conditions if they were part of a… [READ MORE]