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Workers celebrate May Day in Iraq, where the Solidarity Center supports all Iraqi trade unions as they seek to establish their worker rights. Credit: Solidarity Center/Mustafa Qusay

The Solidarity Center supports all Iraqi trade unions as they seek to establish their human rights as workers, in law and in practice: the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW), the General Federation of Iraqi Trade Unions (GFITU), the Federation of Workers Councils and Union in Iraq (FWCUI), the General Federation of Workers and Unions in Iraq (GFWUI), the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) and the Kurdistan United Workers Union (KUWU).

Supported by the Solidarity Center, the Iraqi labor movement has achieved significant gains, including passage of a 2015 labor law that expands coverage of the labor law to all workers not covered under the country’s civil service law and legalizes the right to strike.

The Solidarity Center currently is working with local civil society organizations to support their efforts to improve working conditions, with a special focus on the five liberated districts of the country (Kirkuk, Salah al Din, Ninawa, Diyala, and Al Anbar).

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