2,000 Peru Miners Strike for Health Care, Workplace Rights

Update: Striking mine workers are standing strong despite the Peru Ministry of Labor declaring their strike illegal during a second appeal process yesterday and company threats to fire all the workers if they do not return to work by Wednesday. Construction workers, members of the Peruvian General Workers Confederation (CGTP), announced that they will join… [READ MORE]

Peru: Unions, Civil Society Aid Victims of Deadly Floods

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Racing to help the more than 640,000 people affected by massive flooding along coastal Peru, trade unions, faith-based organizations, academic institutions and other civil-society organizations have mobilized to ensure lifesaving supplies and other items reach affected communities. Since December, two dozen provinces in Peru have witnessed a period of intense rains and destructive mudslides that… [READ MORE]

Peru Unions & Allies Launch Effort for Export Workers

In Peru’s export sector, textile workers and agricultural laborers typically earn low wages and receive few or no benefits, like paid sick leave, work in dangerous and unsafe conditions, and often are fired when they form a union to improve their lives on the job, according to Juan Carlos Vargas, an economist for the Labor Development… [READ MORE]

Fruits of Labor: Agricultural Workers Feeding the World

From vegetable farms in South Africa to palm oil plantations in Peru and olive groves in Morocco, agricultural workers, their unions and associations are joining with the Solidarity Center in improving wages and working conditions and bettering the lives of themselves and their families. A new Solidarity Center photo essay showcases these workers, who are… [READ MORE]

Thousands of Peru Mineworkers Struggle for Decent Work

  • March 29, 2016
  • Oscar Muro

Oscar Muro, Solidarity Center program officer in Peru, reports on his late February fact-finding journey to the Minera Aurifera Retamas (MARSA) mine, where subcontracted mineworkers, represented by a strong union, won a national labor inspection finding that calls for 2,464 outsourced workers to be moved to permanent contracts. The workers subsequently went on a weeklong… [READ MORE]

11 Textile Workers in Peru Dismissed after Forming Union

Peru’s National Federation of Textile Workers is calling for immediate reinstatement of 11 textile workers who were fired less than a month after they formed a factory union in Lima. The factory, which employs more than 1,400 workers, produces high-fashion jeans for the Peruvian market. The garment workers, many of whom had worked at the… [READ MORE]

Peru Construction Workers Win New Pact, Rights

Construction workers in Peru are celebrating a new contract that significantly improves wages and benefits, and are hailing a new legislative order, which in part addresses ongoing violence against union members in the building and construction trades. The new one-year contract gives workers up to a 5 percent wage increase and includes education benefits for… [READ MORE]

Peru: Construction Union Leaders Murdered

One construction union leader was killed and another injured as the men left a union organizing meeting in Casma, Peru, this week. Miguel Cotelo Villanueva, a member of the Federación de Trabajadores en Construcción Civil de Perú (Federation of Civil Construction Workers of Peru, FTCCP)­­, Peru’s largest construction union, is the most recent of 14… [READ MORE]

Farm Workers’ Global Struggle for Rights on the Job

Agriculture employs nearly half of the world’s workforce. Low-paying and seasonal, it also is one of the three most hazardous sectors for workers (along with construction and mining), according to the International Labor Organization. Agriculture workers are often denied decent wages. This is especially true for women, who, despite their predominance in the sector (50… [READ MORE]

Striking Mineworker Injured, 6 Arrested in Peru

Six mineworkers were arrested and one injured from police gunfire yesterday as some 100 workers protested at the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion in Lima, Peru. The miners, who have been on strike for 17 days at Buenaventura’s Uchucchacua silver mine in the coastal region north of Lima, are calling for immediate improvement in… [READ MORE]

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