In Cambodia, workers in many sectors are explicitly excluded from the labor law and/or the right to form unions and bargain collectively. Those workers who are permitted to unionize face a very restrictive legal environment with many limits on their activities, and frequent union busting from employers.

Solidarity Center works with Cambodian unions and other allies to protect and advance worker rights through training and support, including legal advocacy, to help workers stand up for their rights and demand living wages and decent working conditions. This includes supporting unions to grow and strengthen through the development of organizing, collective bargaining and advocacy strategies, and to tackle injustices and promote equality and inclusion through specific programs that focus on access to social protection,  migrant worker rights and addressing gender-based violence and harassment in the world of work.

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Report: Cambodia Garment Workers Suffer Effects of Climate Change

Solidarity Center
Solidarity Center
Report: Cambodia Garment Workers Suffer Effects of Climate Change

Hot trends: How the global garment industry shapes climate change vulnerability in Cambodia (2022)

In response to mounting public pressure, companies have moved rapidly to launch media campaigns highlighting their commitment to a green future. The global garment industry is no different. Behind much of this “greenwashing” remains the reality that the garment supply...

Labor Leaders, Activists: Women Workers Critical in Driving Inclusive Climate Solutions

Climate change and environmental degradation have exacerbated gender inequality and worsened existing inequities resulting from resource scarcity, conflict and climate-related shocks. Women workers—particularly those in the informal economy—bear significant burdens...

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