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Khin Sokchea, a garment worker in Cambodia, travels to work each day in employer-provided transportation negotiated by her union, a Solidarity Center partner. Credit: Solidarity Center/ShanleyStudio


In Cambodia, where garment workers, domestic workers, tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) drivers, teachers and other civil servants fall outside the labor laws and are prevented from joining unions and bargaining collectively, Solidarity Center works with Cambodian unions and other allies to protect and advance worker rights through training and support, including legal advocacy, as workers increasingly stand up for their rights and demand living wages and decent working conditions.

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In Our Own Words: Women Workers Address Gender-Based Violence in Garment Factories in Cambodia

While studies have shown the prevalence of violence against women at home and in their communities, no comprehensive data exists to document the extent of gender-based violence (GBV) at work. To better understand GBV at work, 23 activists and female leaders of workers...

Trade Unions Organizing Workers “Informalized from Above”: Case Studies from Cambodia, Colombia, South Africa and Tunisia (Rutgers, 2013)

Four case studies examine successful union organizing among workers whose jobs have been privatized, outsourced or contracted out. This Solidarity Center report is part of a multiyear research project, funded by the U.S. Agency forInternational Development, to study...

CAMBODIA: Vocal Coalition Makes Legal History (2013)

Cambodia’s nascent independent labor movement and human rights organizations worked to revise a labor law proposed in 2011 that would have significantly rolled back worker rights—and a Solidarity Center report describes how they did it. English (PDF) Arabic (PDF)...
A Union Makes Big Difference for Cambodia Hotel Workers

A Union Makes Big Difference for Cambodia Hotel Workers

From the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat to the palaces and pagodas of Phnom Penh, Cambodia draws vast numbers of tourists from around the world—more than 5.6 million in 2017—who help make the country the sixth fastest-growing economy in the world, with travel...

Solidarity Center Supporting Trafficked Cambodians

Solidarity Center Supporting Trafficked Cambodians

Rural Cambodian villagers who say they were trafficked for forced labor in the shrimp processing industry in Thailand are challenging a ruling by a California federal district court that dismissed their case against the Thai and U.S. companies that benefited from...

Social Justice Unionism: Labor Can Make Change

Social Justice Unionism: Labor Can Make Change

“Informal workers are organizing and they will organize as long as there is injustice and oppression,” says Sue Schurman, distinguished professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations at Rutgers University. Opening a Solidarity Center book launch and panel...

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