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The Solidarity Center provides training and support for domestic workers in Mexico, who have won key rights in the nation’s labor laws. Credit: Canal del Congreso

The Solidarity Center and our allies in Mexico work to strengthen the organizing and bargaining capacity of unions and grassroots organizations and to empower workers, especially women, to stand up for their rights at work, at home and in their communities.

One of the biggest obstacles to freedom of association for workers in Mexico is the prevalence of “employer protection contracts,” which prevent creation of truly representative unions. Protection contracts, which comprise nearly all union contracts, are negotiated without the knowledge and/or consent of workers and are often in place in a factory before workers are hired.

Despite the obstacles, a handful of independent grassroots worker organizations has emerged. The Solidarity Center provides training and support for domestic workers, who formed the country’s first domestic worker union and gained unprecedented legal rights in Mexico’s constitution.

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