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Event: Workers Key to More Fair Global Food Supply Chains

Farmworker rights advocates, policymakers and agricultural workers from Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia and the United States are set to share strategies to build worker power, create decent work in the fields and demand greater justice across global food chains in Los Angeles October 11. The conference, “Realizing a More Fair Global Food Supply Chain,” will explore… [READ MORE]

Nepal Quake Recovery, Done Right, Could Ease Migration Pressure

Two years after Nepal’s powerful earthquake, slow pace of reconstruction offers an opportunity for the nation to change its economic model, which leans heavily on remittances from Nepali migrant workers. It is a “unique moment” to create jobs that protect workers’ rights, pay fair wages and boost the economic status of its citizens, according to… [READ MORE]

Labor Migration Conference: ‘Our Voices Will Be Strong’

“We want to make our voices heard and strong in Africa and globally. Our voices will be strong,” Joel Odigie told the more than 130 union leaders, migrant worker rights advocates and top international human rights officials in the closing session of the Solidarity Center labor migration conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. “This wasn’t just… [READ MORE]

‘Create Decent Work at Home so Labor Migration Is a Choice’

The respect and dignity of labor migrants is under increasing threat, says Kassahun Follo, first vice president, International Trade Union Confederation-Africa, as migrant workers are demonized and denied basic rights, actions driven by exploitation, racism and xenophobia. Follo spoke this morning at the opening of the January 25–27 Solidarity Center conference, “Achieving Fair Migration: Roles… [READ MORE]

Labor Migration Conference Opens Tomorrow

Prexedes, 41, supports her family as a domestic worker, juggling jobs at three employers in Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally from Zimbabwe, Prexedes says after her divorce, she had no choice but to seek work cleaning homes, cooking, and caring for others’ children to raise her own three children. Over the years, her employers have refused… [READ MORE]

Making the System Fair for Migrant Workers

Ishor, 24, migrated from Nepal to Malaysia last November to work for a company at Johor Bahru’s busy commercial shipping port. What he did not know before he arrived is that the job involved working 16-hour days and being physically abused and harassed by his employer. Like most migrant workers, Ishor likely paid a labor… [READ MORE]

Migration Conference News

  • July 4, 2015

  Let’s Create a Global Civil Rights Movement, August 12, 2015 Migration Driven by Lack of Stable Employment, August 12, 2015 Migrant Workers Empowered by Forming Unions, August 12, 2015 ‘You Don’t Lose Your Rights When You Leave a Country,” August 11, 2015 Vulnerable Workers Targets of Gender-Based Violence, August 11, 2015 ‘Marginalization of Migrant… [READ MORE]

Video: Ending Gender Violence at Work with Collective Action

Seeking a job to support her family but lacking opportunity in her native Bangladesh, Shahida became a domestic worker far from her home. Beyond duties in her employer’s home, she was forced to work at the houses of several of his relatives, giving her little time to sleep. Shahida was provided stale leftovers for her… [READ MORE]