[Washington Post] Can Labor Solidarity Cross Borders?

“’Right now, there is more exciting union organizing in Mexico than anywhere else in the world,’ said Shawna Bader-Blau, head of the Solidarity Center, a global worker rights advocacy group. ‘We are seeing new independent unions and actual collective bargaining producing significant wage increases for the first time in decades.’”

[The Guardian] Courts Close in on Gig Economy Firms Globally as Workers Seek Rights

“Jeff Vogt, at the Washington, D.C.-based Solidarity Center worker rights group, said there was a clear trend toward recognizing improved rights and employment status for those working for gig economy companies dealing with food delivery and taxi hire. “These companies have gone to great lengths to insulate themselves from responsibility and have put an extraordinary burden on workers to claim their basic rights at work. Governments must step in now and enact legislation that protects the rights of all workers providing labor to a digital platform company,'”

[Drapers] Workers Killed in Morocco Garment Factory

“The accident took place earlier this month, in a factory that employs 130 workers, mostly women. The illegal factory is said to have been operating for 20 years. Labor groups including U.S.-based Solidarity Center, are campaigning for an investigation into the tragedy.”

[Forbes] Fashion’s $16 Billion Debt To Garment Workers Should Spark Reform, Not Sympathy

“Fashion’s unpaid bills have been catastrophic for garment workers. A September report co-written by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, the WRC and the Solidarity Center’s ILAW network showed that these debts have led to mass layoffs (at least 1 million garment workers in Bangladesh, 150,000 in Cambodia), while the Clean Clothes Campaign found that millions of workers remain unpaid for the work they did at the beginning of the pandemic.”

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