[Green Bay Press] Manufacturers looking for low costs, easy access to U.S. market, turn to Mexico, not China

Some have speculated Mexico could provide jobs that would ease the number of migrants coming into the United States from Central and South America. But that’s not happened, said Joell Molina, Americas regional program director with the Solidarity Center, a workers’ rights group based in Washington, D.C.

“Right now there’s no incentive whatsoever for any of these migrants to stop and settle down in Mexico, because the conditions are not that different from where they’re leaving,” Molina said.

[La Jornada] Mexican Unions Ask in the U.S. to Strengthen the USMCA Labor Mechanism

“There is common ground in recognizing that the [rapid response] mechanism has had a positive impact,” said Paulo Marinaro, Solidarity Center Mexico country director. “Thanks to the legitimation processes, (workers) have been able to remove themselves from the control of employer protection unions, by using the tool of the mechanism to guarantee an even floor.”

[Rest of World] Pay to work: Rappi now charges delivery drivers in Brazil a weekly fee

“Food and goods delivery digital platform work is already some of the most precarious, underpaid employment in Brazil,” Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia, Brazil program director at labor rights organization Solidarity Center, told Rest of World. “Any new fee that subtracts from wages in that equation throws the sector further into substandard conditions.” 

[Rest of World] Gig workers on delivery apps rent accounts to get around bans

“Gig workers need to be working more than 12 hours a day, seven days a week across multiple platforms to make a living,” Kruskaya Hidalgo Cordero, who researches gig work platforms at labor rights organization Solidarity Center in Mexico City, told Rest of World. “Renting one of their accounts is a way of bringing in additional money.”

[Washington Post] Can Labor Solidarity Cross Borders?

“’Right now, there is more exciting union organizing in Mexico than anywhere else in the world,’ said Shawna Bader-Blau, head of the Solidarity Center, a global worker rights advocacy group. ‘We are seeing new independent unions and actual collective bargaining producing significant wage increases for the first time in decades.’”

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