Zimbabwe Migrant Farm Workers See Dawn of Justice

Some of the 245 Zimbabwe migrant farm workers brutalized and evicted last September from a large farm in South Africa, where many had toiled for years, have now been vindicated in court. In a recent court hearing in South Africa, a judge rejected the farm owner’s argument that the workers were on extended strike and… [READ MORE]

Peru: Striking Workers Detained, One Beaten

Eighteen agricultural workers in Peru were detained during a work stoppage as they protested an agro-industrial company’s failure to uphold its collective bargaining agreement, according to the Camposol Workers’ Union (SITECASA). One union leader, Carmen Silvestre Rodríguez, was beaten by the national police, and the union’s general secretary, Felipé Arteaga, has been arrested, the union… [READ MORE]

Women Agricultural Workers Break Their Invisibility

Working in large-scale agriculture creates a whole new set of challenges for women—exposure to harsh pesticides and chemicals, isolation, sexual harassment and violence and a production quota that seeks to “turn women into machines.” But women in agriculture also have the opportunity to earn wages that can better themselves and their families, said Samantha Tate,… [READ MORE]

Empowering Women: Ensuring Agricultural Workers Have a Voice

As commercial farms increasingly dominate the world’s cash-crop market, women’s mass migration into commercial agriculture has become a global phenomenon. In Peru, women take jobs in asparagus-processing plants. Colombian women rely on their wages at flower farms to survive, and women in Zambia toil in vegetable production to feed their families. Rural women now contribute… [READ MORE]

Peru: Support for Working Women Key to Economic Growth, Social Justice

Women–and the work they do—are central to productivity and economic growth, to breaking the cycle of poverty and to ensuing more inclusive and just societies. Yet too often they face unnecessary barriers and terrible choices when it comes to work. Far from being economically empowered, millions of women around the world, including here Peru, find themselves… [READ MORE]

Peruvian Union Leader Fired after Speaking out against Poor Working Conditions

An agro-industrial company in Peru has fired a union leader in an attempt to silence one of the strongest voices against unfair and precarious working conditions, says the Peruvian labor federation CGTP. Join the LabourStart campaign for his reinstatement, and follow the campaign live. Fidel Polo, legal defense secretary for the Agricola Viru Workers Union… [READ MORE]