UPDATE: Kill a River, Kill Our Livelihoods: A Brazilian Community’s Fight for Survival

by | Mar 28, 2023

Solidarity Center
Solidarity Center
UPDATE: Kill a River, Kill Our Livelihoods: A Brazilian Community's Fight for Survival

As a result of strong union activism, in partnership with Indigenous communities, the Brazilian government has recently halted a massive development project in the Brazilian wetlands that threatened workers and indigenous communities that are dependent on the river. Given this significant victory, we’re revisiting a podcast from 2022 when we first talked to activist and union leader Carmen Foro, who became a part of the newly elected Brazilian government not long after our interview.


A community that makes its livelihood from the Amazon is standing up to the Brazilian government that, without consulting with the people most affected, is on the verge of undertaking a blasting and dredging project along a river waterway that would destroy their livelihoods. Carmen Foro, a rural activist and a Brazilian union leader on the frontlines of the struggle, describes a community’s fight for survival.


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