Debate in Kyrgyzstan: To Join or not to Join a Common Customs Border?

Would Kyrgyzstan’s membership in a regional economic bloc with Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan aid or undermine jobs, wages, and living standards for Kyrgyz workers? The Solidarity Center brought together some 70 government experts, union leaders, employers, researchers, and representatives of international organizations in Bishkek to discuss key concerns. The Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and… [READ MORE]

Haiti’s Workers Mark Quake Anniversary with Few Decent Jobs or a Living Wage

Two years after a massive earthquake destroyed much of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, and surrounding towns, the Haitian people are still struggling to recover from the disaster and the entrenched poverty that it has exacerbated. The solution, say Haitian workers, is a Haitian-driven reconstruction effort that focuses on sustainable, equitable development aimed at improving the lives… [READ MORE]

General Strikes over Fuel Subsidy Removal Paralyze Nigeria

Shops, airports, offices, and schools across Nigeria were shut down on the first day of an indefinite strike called to protest the Nigerian government’s removal of a longstanding fuel subsidy that more than doubles the price of oil and gas. The government announced the deregulation of the oil sector on January 1, 2012, and defended… [READ MORE]

Iraq Trade Union Bulletin Archive

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Informal Economy Conference Agenda

Conference Summary and Proceedings Agenda Friday December 2, 2011 Keynote Address Shawna Bader-Blau, Executive Director, Solidarity Center Research Presentation: Trade Union Responses to Organizing in the Informal Economy Rutgers University researchers Panel Response: How are established trade unions organizing and integrating workers from outside their traditional membership and sector base? Facilitator: Alex Feltham, Solidarity Center… [READ MORE]