‘Hunger or the Virus’: COVID-19 & Informal Workers

In Harare, Zimbabwe, a market vendor sells produce

Among the world’s most vulnerable workers are those marginalized within their economies and societies, namely the women and labor migrants who predominate in the informal economy, where they perform valuable work in low-wage jobs as janitors, domestic workers, agricultural workers, home healthcare workers, market vendors, day laborers and others. Today, many of these workers are… [READ MORE]

Ukraine Workers Mobilize Against COVID-19

Ukraine, miners, underground protest, unpaid wages, Solidarity Center, unions

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens in Ukraine and scandals are alleged regarding state procurement of  personal protective equipment (PPE), worker rights activists are leveraging trade unions’ collective power to advocate for better pay and conditions for working people and help provide emergency relief during quarantine. The country’s trade unions are persisting in delivering help and… [READ MORE]

Back at Work, Haiti Garment Workers Risk COVID-19

Haiti, workers washing hands outside garment factory, worker rights, unions, Solidarity Center

As garment factories in Haiti begin reopening after shuttering for up to four weeks to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus, workers risk exposure during their crowded work commutes and at factories, while most have not received the wages they were promised during the factory closings, according to several garment worker unions there. Meanwhile, workers… [READ MORE]

Palestinian Workers Risk COVID-19 or Losing Income

Palestine, worker rights, COVID-19, coronavirus, Israel, Solidarity Center

Nearly 50,000 workers have left Palestinian territories to work in Israel in recent days, after Palestine and Israel struck an agreement to allow them to work and stay in Israel for up to two months. This measure was taken to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, exacerbated by the mass movement of workers through… [READ MORE]

Women & Their Unions Stand Strong during COVID-19

South Africa, ILO Convention 190, gender-based violence at work, women, gender, worker rights, Solidarity Center

In Tunisia, 150 women garment workers self-quarantined in their factory to manufacture desperately needed protective masks, churning out 50,000 a day as the COVID-19 crisis broke out. The South African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) reached an agreement with employers to guarantee six weeks full pay for 80,000 workers, nearly all women, as operations… [READ MORE]