Gender-based Violence at Work

Gender-based violence is one of the most prevalent and tolerated human rights violations in the world—including at the workplace. Gender-based violence affects all workers, but unequal status and power relations in society and at work often result in women being far more exposed to violence and harassment.

Gender-based violence at work can take many forms, including sexual harassment and verbal abuse, and it occurs at all types of workplaces: in offices, hospitals, restaurants and farm fields.

But few country’s laws cover gender-based violence at work, and even those that address it in some way often are not sufficient or are not enforced.

Join the Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence at Work!

Right now, we have a rare opportunity to help end gender-based violence at work around the world.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) is considering a convention (regulation) that would address violence and harassment against women and men at work. We need to build critical support for its adoption with a strong focus on the gender dimension of violence.

You can join the campaign for passage of a gender-based violence at work convention. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) offers information and tools so that you, your unions and organizations can make a difference.

There can be no decent work with violence at work. Take action now.