Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA)

Bahrain: Trade Unionist Released from Prison

Jalila Al-Salman, acting president of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association, was released from prison Nov. 25, according to Education International (EI). Jalila, who was jailed in March 2011, was serving a three-year term for exercising her right to freedom of assembly and for demanding reforms in Bahrain’s educational system. Education International and LabourStart spearheaded a global petition… [READ MORE]

Bahraini Teachers Jailed

Mahdi Abu Dheeb and Jalila al-Salman, the president and vice president of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association, were sentenced to five and six months in prison after a court in Bahrain upheld their convictions last week. The two were arrested in 2011 after supporting calls for reform in Bahrain. Abu Dheeb has spent some 18 months… [READ MORE]

On World Teacher Day, Unions Support Jailed Bahraini Teachers

Today, World Teachers’ Day, reminds us how valuable teachers are for building our future—and how fragile their profession can be. Massive teacher shortages are “quietly looming over countries struggling to provide every child with quality primary education by 2015,” according to UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In Bahrain, where nearly 3,000… [READ MORE]