From Haiti to Ukraine, and in Kenya, Nepal and Palestine, hundreds of thousands of workers and their families celebrated International Workers Day last week, honoring the dignity of work and the accomplishments of the labor movement in defending human rights, job stability, fair wages and safer workplaces. Together, workers and their unions demonstrated their commitment to sustaining and improving worker lives.

Here is a roundup of May Day events by Solidarity Center allies around the globe.

[Above: In Jordan, leaders of the Domestic Workers Network (DWN) rallied in support of migrant domestic and agricultural workers and against gender-based violence at work, the kafala system—in which migrant worker visas are tied to a specific employer—and a new labor law they say is unacceptable.]

Georgia. Credit: Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (GTUC)

3,000 union members gathered in front of the government chancellery in Tbilisi, Georgia, requesting that the prime minister sign a social contract between citizens and the government whereby government accepts the responsibility of ensuring social equality and democracy in the country.

Guatemala. Credit: Maria Elena Sabillon Paz/Solidarity Center

Haiti. Credit: Reginald Lafontant, Haitian garment workers’ federation, GOSTTRA

Honduras. Credit: Red Contra la Violencia Antisindical

Myanmar. Credit: Jamie Davis/Solidarity Center

Kenya. Credit: ITUC-Africa

Maldives. Credit: Sonia Mistry/Solidarity Center

On May Day, unions campaigned for an ILO convention to stop gender-based violence at work in the Maldives, as well as new legislation to ensure freedom of association and promote better occupational safety and health.

Nepal. Credit: Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC)

In Kathmandu, approximately 3,500 members from 27 affiliate unions participated in a May Day rally organized by the Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) under the slogan: “Decent work for sustainable development: Strengthen democracy and prosperity.”

Nigeria. Credit: Craig Phelan/Solidarity Center

Palestine. Credit: Solidarity Center

More than 1,000 union members from cities in the West Bank gathered in Ramallah to rally under the slogan: “Freedom, dignity and social justice .”

Ukraine: Credit: KVPU press service

Iraq. Credit: Soran Fareeq/Solidarity Center

Members and supporters of the Kurdistan United Workers Union (KUWU) rallied outside Parliament in support of a new labor law.

Kyrgyzstan. Credit: Lola Abdukadyrova/Solidarity Center

Hundreds of union members commemorated workers’ solidarity at a May Day marathon and concert organized by the Metallurgy and Mining Workers’ Union of Kyrgyzstan (MMTUK).