On December 18, we join workers around the world to celebrate International Migrants Day. It is a day to honor and support the women and men who often labor under limited legal protections and struggle daily to access their right to decent work.

Jordan.Filipina domestic worker participants in a combatting trafficking in persons training June 2014, holding signs with their rights under Jordanian law2.fr.crop

Filippino domestic workers in Jordan send a solidarity messsage to migrant workers around the world. Credit: Francesca Ricciardone

In Jordan, domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia have joined together in the Migrant Domestic Worker Network to seek solutions to common challenges and educate their communities about their rights as migrant workers. The Solidarity Center convened the network to help connect domestic workers in Jordan with local legal service providers.

They gathered recently to send solidarity messages to migrant workers around the world.

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