I am Ma Lwin Lwin Mar and 34 years old. I come from Ngaputaw Township in Ayeyarwaddy Region to Hlaing Thar Yar and work in a garment factory. (Hlaing Thar Yar is a factory district outside Yangon, Myanmar’s capital, where 700,000 workers make clothes and goods for western brands.)

I work in the garment factory for my living and to support also my family.

While working here in the factory, CTUM (Confederation of Trade Unions-Myanmar) came and formed the trade union in November 2013. After formation of the trade union, 204 workers were dismissed by the factory owner without any reason and unlawfully in regard to the issue on (minimum daily wages of Kyat) 3,600 ($2.80).

When they tried unlawfully to dissolve our trade union, CTUM supported our organization very strongly. Because of the strong support of the CTUM, all the workers could come and work again at their worksites peacefully.

Therefore we would like to say that CTUM has taken the responsibility to solve all the unfair activities of the garment factory owner and take care of the workers when the factory owner and CTUM tried to settle.

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