Today, Universal Children’s Day, is a good time to remind people that more than 168 million children around the world are forced to work nearly every day.

Global March against Child Labor, a coalition of organizations working to end child labor that includes the Solidarity Center, created a powerful short video clip you can email, post on Facebook, Tweet and send to your networks.

Here are some sample Tweets and Facebook posts:

Global March Against Child Labor fights to end child labor! WATCH to know why are we doing this? #EndChildSlavery

Global March can help you do your bit to end child labor from this world! Support us #NotMadebyChildren

Facebook Posts
Everything that you buy isn’t worth it! WATCH #NotMadebyChildren #EndChildSlavery

1 in every 6 children work. The shirt you are wearing may be made by a child slave. WATCH #EndChildSlavery

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