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More than 100 participants took part in ILAW’s first conference in November 2019. Credit: Solidarity Center/Matt Hersey

rule of law, Solidarity Center, International Lawyers Assisting Workers network, ILAWEstablished in December 2018 by the Solidarity Center, the International Lawyers Assisting Workers (ILAW) Network is the largest global network of workers’ rights lawyers and advocates. Given that workers are confronting common legal issues worldwide, and that, increasingly, legal issues involve multiple jurisdictions, effective representation of workers and unions requires uniting legal practitioners and scholars to exchange information and ideas from around the world.

The ILAW Network’s core mission is facilitating collaboration among members to develop creative solutions to promote workers’ rights around the world—through campaigns, policy analysis, litigation and legislation. The network has successfully supported workers and unions around the world to defeat repressive legislation, promote legal reforms and explore novel litigation to hold companies responsible for union busting. The ILAW Network also holds an extensive online library of news and legal information from around the world to keep members up to date on legal developments.

The ILAW Network is supported by an advisory board of 20 lawyers from 20 countries, with expertise on a broad range of legal matters.

Labor Rights and Technology: Mapping Strategic Opportunities for Workers and Trade Unions

This ILAW Network issue brief, researched and drafted by Dr. Barbora Černušáková, maps some of the legal initiatives and strategies undertaken by workers and unions, and outlines opportunities for workers to challenge breaches of technology-driven labor rights through...

Georgia App Worker: ‘Solidarity and Unity in Protecting our Rights Are Essential:’

In the face of intense pushback by exploitive global app-based companies operating in the Republic of Georgia—where workers are beholden to algorithmic whims to earn their uncertain livelihoods—unions are fighting for platform worker rights through advocacy campaigns,...

App Workers Seek Level Playing Field

For many job seekers, joining the ranks of delivery drivers or other app-based workers is sold as entrepreneurship–a way to make money as an independent contractor and be their own boss. But the reality is much different, as workers from Africa to Latin America have...
Nigerian Labor Congress Joins ILAW Network

Nigerian Labor Congress Joins ILAW Network

The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) hosted the founding of the Nigeria chapter of the International Lawyers Assisting Workers Network (ILAW) this week. The event was part of the nationwide union’s efforts to strengthen global ties to advance worker rights. More than 20...

Solidarity Center Launches Worker Rights Legal Network

Solidarity Center Launches Worker Rights Legal Network

Globalization has enabled corporations and governments to weaken rights protections and erode decent work around the world--to the detriment of workers and their ability to feed their families, enjoy safe workplaces and have a say in policies that affect their lives....

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