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Egyptian Court Overturns Verdict Against Trade Unionists

An Egyptian court overturned jail sentences for five trade unionists arrested after they went out on strike at the Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company, according to the Egyptian Democratic Labor Congress (EDLC). Yousri Maarouf, EDLC president, faced...

Egypt: Cement Workers Seek to Shed Low-Wage Temp Status

Mohammed Hamid, a cement worker in Alexandria, Egypt, has worked for the same company for 12 years. Yet he says he is classified as “temporary,” which means he makes far less than full-time workers and receives no benefits. Many of his co-workers are in the same...

Charges Dropped Against Egyptian Trade Union Leader

An Egyptian court late last month closed the case of workers' rights advocate Kamal Abbas, who was sentenced in absentia to six months imprisonment earlier this year on charges he insulted a state executive. Abbas, general coordinator of Egypt’s Center of Trade Unions...

Egyptian Union Law Decree May Mean Government Interference, Unions Say

Labor unions and worker rights organizations are decrying a newly decreed amendment to Egypt’s Mubarak-era trade union law, which threatens freedom of association and the right to organize independent and representative trade unions. The Center for Trade Union and...

The Struggle for Worker Rights in Egypt (2010)

The Struggle for Worker Rights in Egypt (2010)

The situation for workers in Egypt in 2010 sadly bears all too much similarity to that conflict between Egyptian workers and their government so many centuries ago. Today’s Egyptian government maintains an iron grip on power, harshly punishes dissent and plays a...

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