Equality & Inclusion

ILO GBV at Work Standard: First-Ever Comprehensive Legal Standard

A Solidarity Center legal analysis shows the proposed ILO convention on gender-based violence and harassment at work is necessary because no global binding instrument exists that comprehensively addresses violence and harassment in the world of work, including gender-based violence and harassment. Download here.

Transforming Women’s Work: Policies for an Inclusive Economic Agenda

Convening experts from the AFL-CIO, the Rutgers University Center for Women’s Global Leadership and the Solidarity Center, this report examines how to shift governments’ policy priorities, create an enabling environment for social organizing and transform women’s interaction with labor markets within a rights-based model of development. Download here.

Putting Union Gender Equality Policy into Practice in South Africa

Unions are key drivers advancing gender equality. Yet in many countries around the world, there is a disconnect between labor union policy and practice in transforming gender inequalities within trade unions. Through the lens of the South African union movement, this report explores the disconnect and examines new strategies for closing the gap between policy… [READ MORE]

Gender Equality and Labor Movements: Toward a Global Perspective (Rutgers, 2012)

A critical review of the English-language research on gender equality and labor movements highlighting “best practice” case studies around the world most relevant to those engaged in building democratic and humane societies. This Solidarity Center report is part of a multiyear research project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, to study the informal… [READ MORE]

Solidarity Center Gender Programming Manual (2006)

This 70-page handbook incorporates staff insights and experiences into checklists and tools needed to develop programs that redress gender inequity in the workplace, promote leadership roles for women, and move closer to achieving full worker rights. Download here.