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Peru.Mineworker Uchucchacua strike

Striking Mineworker Injured, 6 Arrested in Peru

Six mineworkers were arrested and one injured from police gunfire yesterday as some 100 workers protested at the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion in Lima, Peru. The miners, who have been on strike for 17 days at Buenaventura’s Uchucchacua silver mine in the coastal region north of Lima, are calling for immediate improvement in… [READ MORE]

Peru.Mineworker strike 15.5.15 (2)

Striking Peru Mineworkers Demand Decent Work

Protesting laws that facilitate mass layoffs and enable large-scale subcontracting of workers’ jobs, tens of thousands of Peruvian mineworkers launched a strike Tuesday at the nation’s gold, copper, tin and silver mines in regions such as Cerro de Pasco, Puno, Ancash, and Huánuco. Marching in the main square of Juliaca yesterday, mineworkers shouted, “Down with… [READ MORE]

ILO.Employment report.2015

ILO: Precarious Work Rises, Incomes Fall around the World

More than 60 percent of workers worldwide, predominantly women, are in temporary, part-time or short-term jobs in which wages are falling, a growing trend that is fueling global income inequality and poverty, according to an International Labor Organization (ILO) report released today. “This report reveals a shift away from the standard employment model, in which… [READ MORE]

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“As the main drivers and the main beneficiaries of the global garment industry, the big brands are ultimately responsible for the basic welfare of all the workers who toil for their bottom line,” writes Solidarity Center country program director in Cambodia, David Welsh.

In the garment industry, the average union leader is just 26 years old with an eighth grade education and likely migrated to the city from a village. “The learning curve is steep,” said Alonzo Suson, program director of Solidarity Center, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, which is training union leaders in Bangladesh.  

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