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,Amparo Lara sells his plantains in the Municipal Market of San Cristobal,

Dominican Republic Market Vendors Stand up for Rights

Amparo Lara sells plantains in San Cristobal’s Municipal Market, vying for customers along with dozens of other vendors selling mangoes, guavas and a range of vegetables and herbs along with services, such as shoe repair. The increasing lack of full-time jobs around the world has forced many working people like Lara to seek a living in… [READ MORE]

Peru.Repeal of youth labor law1.1.15.luis mendoza

Peru Workers Celebrate Repeal of Law Targeting Youth

Workers in Peru are celebrating the repeal this week of a labor law that targeted young workers, a huge victory that followed weeks of street demonstrations and protests by working people and their unions. Peru’s Congress voted 11­4–91 to repeal the law, which reduced salaries and benefits for workers under age 25. A recent poll… [READ MORE]


Bangladesh Garment Workers Win Bargaining Pacts at 5 Factories

  • January 27, 2015
  • Jennifer Kuhlman

Standing strong in the face of a long and difficult struggle for their rights, Bangladesh garment union leaders at five factories in the East-West Industrial Park Ltd. group negotiated collective bargaining agreements in recent days that include increases in the food allowance, improvements in canteen facilities and provisions for union leaders to assist members. The… [READ MORE]

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