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Bangladesh.Rana Plaza 2 Yr Anniversary.Is there no hope remains for us.4.15.Balmi Chisim

Rana Plaza Survivors: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Rabbi Sheikh, 10, began crying when talking about his mother, Shirina Akhter. “I always think about my mother,” he said. Two years ago, Shirina was among more than 1,130 garment workers killed when the multistory Rana Plaza building pancaked. Her husband, Latif Sheikh, heard the building collapse as he sold fruit by the roadside. It… [READ MORE]

Bangladesh.Rana Plaza Demonstration.4.15.Balmi Chisim

Rana Plaza 2 Years Later: Garment Workers under Siege

In the initial months after the Rana Plaza collapse on April 24, 2013, a preventable catastrophe that killed more than 1,130 Bangladesh garment workers and injured thousands more, global outrage spurred much-needed changes. Dozens of garment factories were closed for safety violations through the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord process, a legally binding agreement… [READ MORE]

Bangladesh.Rana Plaza rubble.4.15.HRW report

HRW: Bangladesh Government Fails to Keep Workers Safe

Bangladesh garment workers often risk their health and their lives at unsafe factories, and when they seek to form unions to address workplace problems, “factory managers continue to use threats, violent attacks and involuntary dismissals in efforts to stop unions from being registered,” according to a Human Rights Watch report released today. “I was beaten… [READ MORE]

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Garment factory conditions have not improved. Manufacturers continue to invest where there is “no rule of law but extreme poverty and an investor-friendly government,” explains labor lawyer David Welsh, who works for the U.S. NGO Solidarity Center in Phnom Penh.

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