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Photo Essay: Giving Voice to Hope in Bangladesh

The three-year anniversary of the November 24, 2012, fire that killed 112 Bangladesh garment workers at the Tazreen Fashions Ltd., factory offers a time to reflect on garment workers’ ongoing struggle for workplaces where they will not be killed or injured and for jobs that will support their families. The Tazreen fire was preventable, as… [READ MORE]

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Bangladesh: ‘An Effective Union Can Ensure Fire Safety’

  • November 19, 2015
  • Mushfique Wadud

Bilkish Begum says she and other workers at a garment factory in Bangladesh could not discuss implementing fire safety measures with their employer—even after the deadly blaze at Tazreen Fashions factory killed 112 workers three years ago next week. Only when they formed a union, which provides workers with protection against retaliation for seeking to improve… [READ MORE]

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Tazreen Fire Survivors: ‘Our Suffering Has Just Started’

“You have forgotten the Tazreen fire incident but our actual suffering has just started,” says Anju, who experienced severe head, eye and other bodily injuries during the fatal Tazreen Fashions Ltd. fire in Bangladesh that killed 112 garment workers. Survivors of the November 24, 2012, Tazreen fire who recently talked with Solidarity Center staff in… [READ MORE]

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Ultimately, the path to ending the forced labor, trafficking and other abuses of migrant workers in Malaysia demands the adoption and aggressive enforcement of all ILO core labor standards, such as freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and an end to practices such as debt bondage. It’s extremely important that the world is… [READ MORE]

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