Saddam Hussein

In Iraq, Public-Sector Workers Stand up for Their Rights

Tens of thousands of workers in self-financed companies under Iraq’s Ministry of Industry who have not been paid for months are renewing their push for a long-term solution to the crisis, and many are looking to form unions. Last fall, Iraq workers staged a series of protests to demand their wages. In February, some received… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Parliament Debating Worker Rights Legislation

Update: The draft version of Iraq’s new labor law emerged from Parliament in recent days but falls far short of protecting workers freedom to collectively bargain, according to Iraqi union leaders. On Friday, Iraqi union leaders expressed their concerns to members of Parliament at a Solidarity Center-sponsored conference, and union leaders have written a letter… [READ MORE]

Iraq: Nine Years after Ouster of Saddam Hussein, Workers Still Toil under His Labor Law

Nine years since U.S. troops entered Iraq to oust the regime of Saddam Hussein, work and life in Iraq are—to paraphrase Thomas Hobbes—nasty, brutish, and hard. Iraq is a resource-rich country, yet workers hardly earn enough to feed their families. Economic revival has been slow and sporadic, and working Iraqis are seeing little in the… [READ MORE]