May Day

May Day: Standing up for Worker Rights across the Globe

  • May 2, 2017
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From Cambodia to Zimbabwe, in Serbia and Honduras, hundreds of thousands of workers and their families celebrated International Workers Day, honoring the dignity of work and the accomplishments of the labor movement in defending human rights, job stability, fair wages and safe workplaces. Together, workers and their unions are demonstrating their commitment to sustaining and… [READ MORE]

May Day: Workers Stand Strong in Face of Threats

Workers in Bahrain, Burundi, Morocco, Swaziland and Turkey are standing strong in the face of economic and political threats this May Day. May 1 is generally a time when workers around the world celebrate the dignity of work and working people’s social and economic achievements. But this year, governments in some countries have banned May… [READ MORE]

May Day: Workers Demand Their Rights around the World

Union members in Bangladesh, Brazil, Iraq and Morocco were among Solidarity Center allies around the world who rallied, marched in parades and protested in the streets yesterday, marking May Day and the ongoing struggle to ensure workers have a place at the table in the larger global economy and at their workplaces. In Brazil, UAW… [READ MORE]

May Day: Solidarity Center Fights for Worker Rights Worldwide

More than 100 years ago, workers striking for an eight-hour day and living wages declared May 1 an annual date for international labor rights to honor workers and raise awareness of their struggles. Around the world, many workers are still fighting for those basic rights. In Bangladesh, garment workers seeking to make their workplaces safe… [READ MORE]

Guatemala: Global Unions Urge Justice for Murdered Unionists

Worker rights groups are urging the Guatemalan government to bring justice to the families of the more than 56 trade union leaders killed in the past three years. No one has ever been convicted in Guatemala for killing a union leader. The Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) has written to President Otto Perez Molina… [READ MORE]