labor law

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Proposed Amendment Will Hurt Workers

  • May 21, 2020
  • Steven R. McCloud

The parliament of the Bosnian Federation entity has proposed a labor law amendment that, if enacted, would give employers the authority in any future state of emergency to enact mass layoffs, slash hours and cut many workers’ pay to the minimum wage. The labor federation in the entity, SSSBiH, adamantly opposes the proposed amendments because… [READ MORE]

Brazil Passes Extreme Anti-Worker Labor Law

Brazil workers and their unions are outraged and vowing further protests over a draconian labor law reform the Senate passed yesterday that will weaken labor regulations as well as restrict financing for unions. The law, which President Michel Temer supports and is expected to sign, will remove all restrictions on outsourcing, dismantle labor rights, including… [READ MORE]

Honduran Unions Win Improved Labor Law

A four-year campaign by Honduran labor unions to improve workplaces and strengthen the rights of workers culminated with the Honduran National Congress approving a new labor inspection law last week. Honduran unions, working in concert, successfully built a consensus with business and government to ease passage of their proposed new law. In 2015, a tripartite… [READ MORE]

Cambodia: Protests Decry Anti-Worker Labor Law

Workers across Cambodia are waging rallies to protest a draft labor law that, according to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), does not meet basic worker rights standards under international law. Carrying signs reading, “Do not create a law that oppresses worker rights” and “Workers survive because of good laws,” workers are taking a stand… [READ MORE]

Women Make Historic Gains in New Iraq Labor Law

Women workers made important gains under Iraq’s new labor law, the country’s first ever to prohibit sexual harassment at the workplace. The law clearly defines sexual harassment and specifies penalties for perpetrators. Women union activists led their unions in fighting for this protection. “The law also addresses the arbitrary dismissal of workers and other issues… [READ MORE]

Draft Labor Law Must Be Dropped: Cambodia Union Leaders

Union leaders are asking the Cambodia Royal Government and National Assembly to suspend adoption of a pending trade union law because of restrictions it would place on the freedom to form unions, collectively bargain and strike. Following a strategy meeting today chaired by the International Trade Union Confederation Cambodia Coordinating Council, a dozen union leaders… [READ MORE]

People Power in Peru Pays off

  • April 13, 2015
  • Samantha Tate

After thousands of Peruvian workers took to the streets on Thursday, the Peruvian government backed off a proposal (Supreme Decree 4008) that would have made it easier for employers to conduct mass layoffs. The proposed legislation also would have allowed employers to provide wage increases, up to 20 percent, in the form of bonuses which are… [READ MORE]

Ecuador: 20,000 Unionists, Allies Rally Against Repressive Laws

More than 20,000 trade union members and other Ecuadorans protested regressive government reforms in Quito, the capital, last week, with simultaneous marches in seven other cities. Those taking part in the rallies oppose proposed constitutional amendments, such as one which would deny new civil service employees rights under the country’s Labor Code, and they object to… [READ MORE]