Tunisia Union Federation Backs Kasserine Jobs Protest

Days of economic protests in Kasserine, Tunisia, are the result of “the persistent marginalization” and “the ruling elite’s failure to achieve the hopes and expectations of Tunisians,” especially the young, according to the country’s union federation, Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail (UGTT). “The UGTT supports the legitimate demands of hundred of thousands of marginalized and… [READ MORE]

Good Jobs, Decent Work—Key to UN’s New 15-Year Goals

A vigil tonight at the United Nations kicks off events around the world body’s broad new 17-point agenda that aims in part to end extreme poverty, eradicate hunger and ensure clean water and sanitation. The 193 UN member states have debated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over past three years and in coming days likely will… [READ MORE]

Zimbabwe Supreme Court Guts Worker Job Security

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe upheld a decision late last week stating that companies can now terminate workers’ contracts at any time, without offering them layoff benefits, by giving them three months’ notice. The unanimous decision “has grave consequences for anyone under formal employment,” according to one news source and comes “at time when business… [READ MORE]

Union-Led Protests Slow Job Outsourcing Bill in Brazil

Brazil lawmakers have postponed a vote on a bill that would expand job outsourcing after a series of union-led protests drew tens of thousands of workers to streets across the country. The law would allow public and private employers to contract out all jobs, enabling employers to replace workers who have direct employment contracts with… [READ MORE]

Zimbabwe Workers Demand Wages Be Paid, Jobs Created

Fed up with unpaid wages, salaries that are below the poverty line, few jobs available in the formal sector and a proposed wage freeze, Zimbabwe workers took to the streets in six cities Saturday to demand workers be paid and to petition the government to not arbitrarily change the labor law to empower employers to… [READ MORE]

Zimbabwe Unions Set to Protest Repression, Economy

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) will take to the streets in six cities on Saturday to protest economic stagnation and an increasingly repressive environment for workers, civil society activists and human rights defenders. Over the years, the ZCTU has tracked the steady decline in the country’s economic situation and its widening informal economy—where… [READ MORE]

New Index Rates Quality, Quantity of Jobs Worldwide

A new data-driven online index launched by JustJobs Network, a nonpartisan global policy and research institute, highlights the need for sustainable employment and offers policymakers and other decision-makers worldwide a tool to help generate more and better jobs worldwide. Created in partnership with Fafo, an independent and multidisciplinary research foundation, the JustJobs Index offers the… [READ MORE]

Kenyan Young Worker Activist Honored by President Obama

When President Obama spoke yesterday at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative about the value of civil society and the necessity of developing young civil society leaders, the first person he recognized as contributing to the development of his community was Solidarity Center fellow and Kenya social justice activist Walid Ahmed Ali. Commending him for his… [READ MORE]

Mugalla: Trade Agreements Must Ensure Worker Rights

Meeting in Washington, D.C., this week, 40 African trade union leaders highlighted creation of good jobs, social protections and freedom to form unions as essential for Africa’s development. One way to do so is to make the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) work for working people. AGOA must have strong labor clauses “to ensure… [READ MORE]

Decent Work High on Agenda for Africa Union Leaders’ U.S. Meeting

Nearly 40 trade union leaders from Africa are meeting in Washington, D.C., over coming days for a series of events to highlight the concerns and needs of working people throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The meetings parallel the August 4-6 White House Summit for African heads of state, with union leaders seeking to influence public debate and hold… [READ MORE]