Millions of Working Africans Heard in U.S.-Africa Summit

The U.S.-Africa Summit in Washington, D.C., last week stood apart from similar trade and investment meetings held by China or by the European Union because African union leaders, representing millions of working people, made their voices heard, said Imani Countess, Solidarity Center regional program director for Africa. “Any U.S. conversation discussing economic development, trade and… [READ MORE]

African Union Leader: Africa Rising only for the 1 Percent

“Africa rising” was the catchphrase buzzing around Washington, D.C., last week, as African heads of state met for a three-day summit with U.S. government and private business. But Joel Odigie, coordinator of human and trade union rights for the International Trade Union Confederation-Africa, says working people are not benefiting from the continent’s economic growth. “In… [READ MORE]