Photo Essays: Honoring the Dignity of Work and Workers

Workers’ pride in their craft—whether unloading fish on Thai docks or excavating phosphate in Mexican mines—and their efforts to achieve justice on the job, including fair pay and safe working conditions, demonstrate that despite their divergent circumstances, workers globally are united by their ambition to achieve their share of economic freedom and prosperity.

These Solidarity Center photo essays highlight how workers are reaching their goals through unions, worker associations and organizations like the Solidarity Center that are dedicated to enabling workers to join together to improve their workplaces, their lives and their communities.

May Day 2019: Standing up for Worker Rights across the Globe

Jordan, domestic workers, trade union, Solidarity Center, May Day, worker rights

From Haiti to Ukraine, in Kenya, Nepal and Palestine, hundreds of thousands of workers and their families celebrated International Workers Day on May 1, 2019, honoring the dignity of work and the accomplishments of the labor movement in defending human rights, job stability, fair wages and safe workplaces. See more.













‘Sometimes I Am Lucky to Get A Task for Three Days’: Etaf Awdi Hamdi Eqdeeh

Solidarity Center, Gaza, worker rights, agricultural worker, Palestine, farmworker

Millions of workers around the world, especially those in the informal sector, cannot enjoy the benefits of their own hard work. Gaza’s Etaf Awdi Hamdi Eqdeeh, now in her 60s, visits area farms daily to look for any kind of temporary job because she cannot find a permanent job but is helping support her multigenerational family. See more.


Make Every Job a Good Job: Workers Achieve Decent Work Together

Every job has value but not all jobs are “good jobs.” Millions of jobs do not offer living wages or social benefits so workers can support their families. Solidarity Center works with unions and others to empower workers around the world to achieve decent work together. See more.













Young Minds at Work: Educating the Children of Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand

For many of the 200 Burmese students attending the Migrant Children Diploma Center in Thailand, it is their first experience with formal education. See more.










Solidarity Center: 20 Years of Working for Worker Rights

Cambodia, garment workers, Solidarity Center

Over the past 20 years, the Solidarity Center has consistently fought for worker rights—and over the next 20 years, we will expand our work to enable workers to assert their fundamental rights at work and build a better future for workers around the world. Here are a few highlights. See more


Dying for a Job: Commemorating the Anniversary of the 2102 Tazreen Factory Fire

Solidarity Center, Tazreen, worker rights, garment workers, supply chain, Bangladesh

Hundreds of workers, including Tahera, were injured in the 2012 fire at Tazreen, Bangladesh, and will never be able to work again. The Tazreen fire was not an isolated incident. Months after the Tazreen disaster, more than 1,000 garment workers were killed when the Rana Plaza building collapsed and approximately 2,500 people were injured. See more















Young Workers Stand up for Their Rights at Work

Zimbabwe, young workers, Solidarity Center, unions

Young workers around the world faced with a lack of decent jobs increasingly are joining with union movements and worker associations to challenge policies that do not promote an economy that works for all. See more.













Worker Rights Are Human Rights: Working People Exercise Freedom of Association

Solidarity Center, worker rights, trade union, labor, garment workers, Bangladesh

In recent decades, as global production has increased, so too has global inequality. The Solidarity Center supports working people around the world as they stand together and fight for better wages and working conditions. See more.













Migrant Workers in Africa: In Their Own Voices

South Africa, mine workers, Solidarity Center, human rights, occupational safety and health

Some 34 million Africans are migrants, and the majority are workers moving across borders to search for decent work—jobs that pay a living wage, offer safe working conditions and fair treatment. See more. 












Workers Form Unions to Achieve Decent Work

Solidarity Center, Zimbabwe, informal workers, decent work, unions

The Solidarity Center works around the world with unions and other allies to empower workers to collectively achieve decent work–and here are their stories. See more.

Women@Work: Women
Breakthrough with Their Unions

Kyrgyzstan, Solidarity Center

With Solidarity Center support, women around the world are joining and leading unions and standing up for the rights of all workers worldwide. See more.

Celebrating the Year in Photos: 2015

Burma, Myanmar, unions, factory workers, Solidarity Center

We celebrate some of the amazing workers we partnered with in 2015, and showcase their efforts to improve their lives and livelihoods. See more.

Bangladesh, Rana Plaza, garment workers, Solidarity Center

Despite the many obstacles to ensuring their jobs are safe, garment workers are at the forefront of pushing for change at their factories. See more.

Breaking Ground: Mexico’s Miners’
Push for Worker Rights

Mexico, miners, Solidarity Center, Los Mineros

Women miners in Mexico are breaking new ground through their union, Los Mineros. See more.

Palestine Workers Find Strength in Their Union

Palestine, kindergarten teacher, unions, Solidarity Center

Palestine workers like Khadeja, a kindergarten teacher, find strength in their union. See more.

Farmworkers’ Global Struggle for Rights on the Job

South Africa, farm worker, Solidarity Center, unions

In South Africa and around the world, farm workers are joining unions and associations to win rights on the job. See more.

In Thailand, Burmese Workers Struggle
for Rights on the Job

Thailand, migrant workers, traffickiing, Solidarity Center

Burmese dockworkers in Thailand struggle for their rights as migrant workers. See more.

Solidarity Center Year in Photos: 2014

Salome Molefe is a domestic worker and union organizer in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Solidarity Center is conducting test litigation there to remedy health and safety laws that do not cover domestic workers. Credit: Solidarity Center/Jemal Countess

Salome Molefe, a domestic worker and union organizer in South Africa, is one of the brave and inspirational women and men with whom we worked in 2014. See more.