Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Garment Workers Stand up for Their Rights

Just outside Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport, where more than 2 million tourists start their vacations each year, a different reality unfolds in the Katunayake export processing zone (EPZ). There, thousands of garment workers take their places in factories guarded by electrified fencing to begin long days for little pay, forced to endure grueling production… [READ MORE]

Sri Lanka Cleaning Workers Strategize on Gender Equality

Nearly 50 cleaning-sector employees from offices throughout Jaffna, Sri Lanka, discussed strategies for addressing gender-based violence at work and how unions can be instrumental in empowering workers to tackle the problem during a recent Solidarity Center training. The 28 women and 18 men who provide cleaning services for courts, banks and finance companies began the… [READ MORE]

Online Strategy in Sri Lanka Drawing Young Workers

In Sri Lanka, where the union movement faces challenges familiar to many union activists around the world—a shift from industrial to service jobs and a related decline in union membership—strategic online outreach is drawing young workers and expanding union membership. Launched in 2013, the website Wedabima (“workflow” in Sinhalese), offers an interactive platform for workers… [READ MORE]

Sri Lanka: 800 Factory Workers Wage Long Strike for Union

Update, November 21, 2013—Hundreds of striking workers at Ansell Lanka marched to the Australian High Commission office yesterday, the 40th day of the strike at the manufacturing plant. Workers sought a response to the union’s request for the office to help achieve a resolution. You can take action: Tell Ansell CEO and managing director to negotiate with… [READ MORE]

World Day for Decent Work: Migrant Workers Often Exploited

At age 22, N. Naga Durga Bhavani left her small village in India for Bahrain,  where she hoped a job as a domestic worker would help pay for her young daughter’s heart surgery. But when she arrived, after paying labor recruiters the equivalent of nearly two months’ wages, she says her passport and papers were… [READ MORE]

SRI LANKA: Migrants Gain Voice and Protections, Sources (2013)

The primary sources for this publication were first-person interviews conducted by the Solidarity Center. Other sources are noted below. “Sri Lanka,” BBC Profile-South Asia, March 25, 2013. “Tsunami Death Toll,” CNN, February 22, 2005. “More Sri Lankans Suffering Since War Ended,” Gallup World, April 6, 2012. “Sri Lanka,” Homeless International. “Country Information-Sri Lanka, The Colombo… [READ MORE]