Women-Led Coalition Empowers Women Across the Niger Delta

In Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta, where the nation’s vast oil revenue has not benefited working people, who typically are paid less than $2 per day, women and children are especially vulnerable. Yet in the face of corruption, environmental degradation, gender discrimination and human rights abuses, a unique, women-led grassroots coalition is training and mobilizing women… [READ MORE]

Women Empowering Women in the Niger Delta

On a late September day in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, hundreds of women from the Egberu, Afam-Ukwu and Afam-Nta communities gathered in Oyigbo. They had repeatedly tried to talk with the local government council about their dire need for a functional health center but had been ignored. With no health facilities nearby, access… [READ MORE]

Nigerian Workers Protest Plan to End National Minimum Wage

Carrying signs reading, “Minimum Living Wage, Not Slave Wage,” Nigerian workers peacefully marched this week to protest a proposal to remove the Parliament’s ability to legislate wage, labor and pension issues by making such rulemaking the purview of 37 different states.  The plan, which would amend the 1999 Constitution, would eliminate a national minimum wage… [READ MORE]

Nigeria: Union Women Moving Gender Issues to Forefront

  • March 25, 2013
  • Nkechi Odinukwe

Since 1978, when the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) was formed, few women have been part of the professional trade union’s leadership—even though 80 percent of its members are female. But in the past two years, union members have been working to increase the number of women leaders while establishing family-friendly policies… [READ MORE]

Nigerian Unions Claim Victory in Fuel Subsidy Battle

Nigerian unions have called off a general strike that, with broad support from the public, crippled the country for more than a week after the government partially restored a crucial fuel subsidy. With the subsidy abandoned, the price of gas and other essentials more than tripled. While the protests were largely peaceful, at least 10… [READ MORE]

General Strikes over Fuel Subsidy Removal Paralyze Nigeria

  • January 9, 2012
  • Joan Welsh

Shops, airports, offices, and schools across Nigeria were shut down on the first day of an indefinite strike called to protest the Nigerian government’s removal of a longstanding fuel subsidy that more than doubles the price of oil and gas. The government announced the deregulation of the oil sector on January 1, 2012, and defended… [READ MORE]