migration and trafficking

Migrant Workers Tell Their Stories

More than 200 participants from 45 countries took part in Labor Migration: Who Benefits? A Solidarity Center Conference on Worker Rights & ​Shared Prosperity Aug. 10-12, sharing strategies on empowering migrant workers through organizing unions and associations, reforming the often exploitative labor recruitment process and ensuring access to justice for migrant workers. Driving the dedication, passion, commitment of the activists… [READ MORE]

‘You Don’t Lose Your Rights When You Leave a Country’

United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Association, Maina Kiai, gave a video greeting to the more than 240 participants at the Solidarity Center Labor Migration Conference in Indonesia in August. “International law is very clear that you have your rights wherever you are–that you don’t lose your rights when you leave your country,” Kiai said…. [READ MORE]

Malaysia: Widespread Forced Labor, Abuse of Migrants

At a two-acre confectionary manufacturing complex in Malaysia, workers make chocolates, biscuits and other treats. But behind the pretty packaging and its candied contents, say some of the 60 Nepali migrant workers employed at the firm, is a work environment that includes physical abuse to force workers to produce sweets. The confectionary company is no… [READ MORE]

Broad Coalition Urges State Dept. Action on Forced Labor

Some 30 global unions, corporations and nonprofit networks are urging the U.S. State Department to ensure its upcoming Global Trafficking in Persons report accurately reflect the serious, ongoing and government-sponsored forced labor in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. “The Uzbek government continues to operate one of the largest state-orchestrated systems of forced labor in the world,” according… [READ MORE]