Guatemala: Global Unions Urge Justice for Murdered Unionists

Worker rights groups are urging the Guatemalan government to bring justice to the families of the more than 56 trade union leaders killed in the past three years. No one has ever been convicted in Guatemala for killing a union leader. The Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) has written to President Otto Perez Molina… [READ MORE]

Guatemala: Global Action Needed to End Murders of Union Members

Since 2007, 64 trade unionists have been murdered in Guatemala, and hundreds more union leaders and members have been kidnapped, tortured and threatened with death—all part of an ongoing pattern of violations against worker rights, according to Britain’s Trade Union Congress (TUC). Only a small fraction of these incidents have been investigated, and 98 percent… [READ MORE]

INTERVIEW: Guatemalan Aluminum Workers Describe Abuse

When Emeterio Nach suffered a shoulder injury at his job, he asked his supervisor at the Ternium aluminum processing plant in Villa Nueva, Guatemala, for time off to see his doctor. After the supervisor denied his request, Nach asked again. The supervisor continued to refuse, finally telling Nach he would be fired if he kept… [READ MORE]