Thai Electronics Firm Compensates Exploited Workers in Rare Award

“Companies also need to do more to ensure workers never pay [recruitment] fees in the first place,” said Neha Misra from the Solidarity Center regarding a rare award reimbursing at least 10,000 Burmese migrants for the excessive and illegal fees they were charged to secure jobs at an electronics manufacturer in Thailand.

U.S. Blocks Import of Goods from Five Nations in Rare Anti-slavery Crackdown

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The United States has blocked the import of goods suspected to have been made with forced labor from five countries. Neha Misra, senior specialist in migration and human trafficking for advocacy group Solidarity Center, welcomed the “significant step” and said economic pressure could boost the drive for full labor rights for workers in global supply… [READ MORE]

Major companies urged to stop telling anti-slavery ‘fairytales’

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Anti-slavery certification schemes, accolades and awards are hardly reliable indicators for the public when choosing between companies, according to Neha Mira, a trafficking expert with the U.S.-based workers’ rights charity Solidarity Center. “The same time as you’re giving a gold star to a company, they’re firing workers for trying to organize in the workplace …… [READ MORE]

Domestic violence takes a toll on women at work. But it doesn’t have to.

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Unions, employers and governments are recognizing that eradicating gender-based violence at work is necessary to achieve the safe and dignified workplaces we all want and deserve. We need to ensure that women’s voices remain at the center of these efforts to avoid repeating what we have already seen—laws, policies and enforcement that have been ineffective… [READ MORE]

FEATURE-Women lead push for rights in Bangladesh’s fashion factories

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The number of registered unions in Bangladesh has increased about fivefold to almost 500 since 2013, according to Jennifer Kuhlman of U.S.-based workers’ rights charity Solidarity Center. “Many of them are being headed by young, dynamic women who are choosing to lead from the front to bring about change,” said Kuhlman, who heads its Bangladesh… [READ MORE]


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Solidarity Center Director of Asia programs, Timothy Ryan, says that the Bangladesh government and industry’s reaction to the empowerment of garment workers and their unions runs the risk of harming not only Bangladesh garment workers but the very trade deals that make the country’s garment and textile sector its economic engine.