Phnom Penh Post

Workers Protest Factory Shutdowns

Roughly 2,000 garment workers protested yesterday outside three factories after the owner abruptly shut down operations and fled​, leaving them without severance or pay for the month of January.​ The Solidarity Center’s William Conklin suggested that factories be required to put down a deposit that can be used to pay severance for workers.

How Short-Term Contracts Are Putting Cambodia’s Pregnant Factory Workers in a Precarious Position

While the perpetual use of short-term contracts creates uncertainties for workers of all stripes, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. Somalay So, a program officer at labor rights group Solidarity Center, said there have been cases where even inquiring about the premier’s $100 “baby bonus” promise can put a target on workers’ backs for dismissal.

A Factory or Family Dilemma

Being placed on consecutive short-term contracts in Cambodia’s predominantly female-staffed garment sector is forcing many women to choose between a family and a factory job. Solidarity Center country director Dave Welsh said factories frequently use fixed-duration contracts to cheat women out of maternity leave.