The Solidarity Center has launched its latest online venture, a web portal aimed at disseminating news about issues that affect Pakistani workers to a global audience.

As a repository for major developments on worker rights in Pakistan, LabourWatch Pakistan (LWP) aims to help bring understanding and increased awareness of the plight and progress of workers and their unions, as well as the policies and events that affect their lives and livelihoods. Through daily uploading of newspaper articles, LWP enables users to monitor such concerns as the adoption and compliance of Pakistan labor laws, global labor standards, and international treaties. Stories are grouped both chronologically and thematically, and many are cross-referenced. Themes comprise issues in focus, such as human trafficking, the informal sector, and occupational safety and health; core labor standards; institutions including labor unions; and legal frameworks. Articles are archived in an easily accessible format on the homepage. Drop-down boxes link users to laws, ordinances, reports, and other documents relevant to worker rights in Pakistan. The site also features a list of useful resources, including an e-newsletter.

“We hope that LWP will spark discussion, dialogue, advocacy, and action to strengthen the rights and improve the conditions of working men and women in Pakistan,” said Greg Shulze, Solidarity Center country program director in Pakistan. “We encourage everyone to check out the site, and we welcome your feedback.”

Acknowledging the vital role of Pakistani electronic and print media in highlighting the problems of workers, LWP is dedicated to “all the journalists who devote their time and energies in an effort to bring some respite to the repressed and downtrodden fellow workers of their country.”

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