Swaziland Unions Call off Marches after Arrests, Intimidation

Swaziland’s union federation called off marches set for April 12 in the face of police intimidation and the reported arrests of prominent labor activists. Swazi courts declared the intended march illegal, even though union and student activists traditionally march on the historically significant date of April 12 to commemorate the 1973 ban on political parties… [READ MORE]

Unions Call on Honduran Government to Uphold Its Labor Laws, Support Human Rights

As ongoing violations of international labor standards and human rights become further entrenched in Honduras, unions representing increasingly vulnerable workers in three export-related sectors—manufacturing, agriculture, and port operations—are fighting for their rights and livelihoods. Representatives of two Honduran union federations, both Solidarity Center partners, traveled to Washington, D.C., recently to raise awareness among and gain… [READ MORE]

In Peru, Workers Toil to Bring Greens to Holiday Tables

In Ica, 200 miles south of Lima, Peru, tens of thousands of workers harvest and process asparagus, artichokes, and other fresh produce we associate with the arrival of spring. As we head into Easter and Passover, please take the time to think about the men and women in regions like Ica who make the greens… [READ MORE]

Irakli Petriashvili: Fighting for Union Democracy in Georgia

Irakli Petriashvili has trade unionism in his blood. “It’s like a genetic trait,” said Petriashvili, 42, president of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation (GTUC). “Since I was a child, I have had it in my heart to help those who were victims of oppression and unfair treatment.” Petriashvili began his union activism shortly after he… [READ MORE]

Agricultural Workers in Peru Use Media to Advocate for Legal Reforms

Peruvian workers from across the country have taken to the airwaves, describing their precarious daily reality and advocating for justice in the workplace. In doing so, they are sending a strong message to Peruvian lawmakers and, at the same time, educating other workers. For workers like Maria Morales, the current debate in the Peruvian Congress… [READ MORE]