Legal Advisory Center Offers Free Job-Related Counsel to Kyrgyz Workers

In Kyrgyzstan, as all over the world, the nature of work is changing, and protecting worker rights is more and more challenging. Although the law provides for the formation of unions, legal enforcement of worker and union rights is weak, and employers do not always respect statutory law and collective bargaining agreements. The Legal Advisory… [READ MORE]

Video Documents Four Years of Struggle for Mexican Bottle Makers

Four years after 400 workers at a bottle manufacturing plant in Mexico were fired for trying to form a union, their wives released a documentary about their lives that recounts a bitter-sweet experience of worker struggle, family survival, and community empowerment and their ongoing case through the Kafka-esque bureaucracy of the federal labor authorities. Just… [READ MORE]

Unionists Mobilize for Mexico Global Days of Action

Trade unionists around the world are mobilizing this week, calling on the Mexican government to stop its attack on workers and implement steps to allow for workers to organize independent democratic trade unions of their choosing. In Washington, DC, union members and worker and human rights activists will rally at noon on Thursday, February 23,… [READ MORE]

Agricultural Workers in Peru Dismissed for Organizing a Union

Ten union leaders, including eight women, who were employed by the agricultural export plantation Euro S.A. in Ica, Peru, were dismissed without notice less than three weeks after forming a union. The Peruvian labor federation CGTP is mounting a write-in campaign to reinstate the workers. Euro S.A. blamed its decision not to renew the workers’… [READ MORE]