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How to Tell Your Story

Here's What We Need to Know

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  1. State your name.
  2. State your age (if you want)
  3. Tell us where you live (city/town, country)
  4. Describe the work you do
  5. Say how long you have worked there
  6. Describe (briefly) the working conditions
  7. Tell us about your family (if you want)
  8. Describe how you and your co-workers are improving your workplace conditions (note if a union is involved).

Practice Your Story

Each time you practice, it gets easier to tell your story.

Tell Your Story

Telling your story from the heart is much more compelling than reading your story from a page. Storytellers connect with audiences when there is no page between them!

Keep It Short

Make sure your story is no longer than three minutes.

Know Your Last Line

Your last line should be clear in your head before you start. It is your story and you must know where it is going.