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‘Anjuara Was just 18 When Her Youthful Life Was Snatched Away’

‘Anjuara Was just 18 When Her Youthful Life Was Snatched Away’


My name is Sultan Mollah and I am the father of a brave, young girl who gave her life working in Rana Plaza. Her name was Anjuara and she was just 18 years old when her youthful life was snatched away. We have been living here in Savar for 18 years but as a father I could not provide her with education beyond grade five. She had to work to provide for the family at that age as I alone could not manage enough to sustain ourselves.

She worked in a factory at the sixth floor of Rana Plaza. I remember, the day before the tragedy, she told us about a crack in the wall of the building. We urged her not to go there and she said, “I will not enter father, I will just go there to give my attendance, why should I miss out a day’s salary. I will come back.”

I was at work when I heard the news. The world crashed on me and I frantically went to the site to look for my daughter. A man who worked with her climbed out from the rubble and he told me my daughter was stuck inside, that a pillar had fallen on her legs. I was helpless; I urged the rescuers to do something.

At 6 p.m., they managed to cut through the machines and the concrete and brought her out. She was immediately admitted to a nearby hospital and her condition was critical, her legs were crushed. The doctors informed me that her legs would have to be amputated.

The last words I heard from my daughter were, “Father, where are my legs?” and I could not hold back my tears.

She did not talk to me the next two days and then she passed away.

After a few days, I received a savings certificate of [$12,050] from the government, from which I could only extract a small portion. The BGMEA [Bangladesh Garment Manufacturing and Exporters Association] informed me that the fund has been cancelled and I could again apply for it once it is reopened. Since then, I have heard nothing about the fund.

I am a poor man who has lost a beautiful daughter and I hope and pray that no father has to suffer the loss and the injustice that I have gone through anytime in the future.

As told in Bangla to Iztiak, an intern in the Solidarity Center Bangladesh office.


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