Workers & Human Rights

SRI LANKA: Migrants Gain Voice and Protections (2013)

The Migrant Services Center, a Solidarity Center partner, is assisting migrant workers and their families in Sri Lanka while championing structural change through legislative and governmental processes, and offers a model for other labor and worker rights organizations. English (PDF) Arabic (PDF) French (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Sources

Unions Create Democratic Space in Zimbabwe (2013)

Unions in Zimbabwe are ensuring the concerns of working people are heard—while highlighting issues feeding into the nation’s poverty crisis, a Solidarity Center report finds. English (PDF) Arabic (PDF) French (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Sources

Justice for All (2008)

“Justice for All” examines the effects of global economic integration in the late 20th century on worker rights, including the growth of the informal economy and migration and human labor trafficking, and looks at how government, corporations and unions can help resolve the global crisis in jobs and working conditions. Download here.    

When They Were Sold: Trafficking of Women and Girls in 15 Provinces of Indonesia (2006)

The report looks at Indonesia’s migrant worker system, which is under intense scrutiny over allegations of contributing to debt bondage and trafficking of migrant workers. It also examines efforts of government and non-government organizations to combat trafficking, and the effectiveness of legislation to combat trafficking, enacted during the last three years. English Indonesian    

The Struggle for Worker Rights in Sri Lanka

In this second report of Solidarity Center’s Justice for All series, worker rights researcher Lance Compa assesses how two decades of civil war affected democracy, economy and social justice in Sri Lanka. Compa compares Sri Lanka’s labor law and practice with international worker rights standards in International Labor Organization conventions and the ILO’s 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles… [READ MORE]