Iraqi Workers Hone Organizing Skills, Gain Rights on the Job

Transport workers at Gulftainer in the Iraqi port of Om Qasr port formed a union committee in November following a three-year organizing effort that involved raising awareness among workers about their rights on the job. Recognizing they would be better able to negotiate for improved wages and working conditions if they were part of a… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Workers Rally over Months of Unpaid Wages

The Iraqi government’s offer of partial payment to workers in several industries who have not received salaries for months “is unjust” and should be amended to include all unpaid back pay, says the General Federation of Iraq Trade Unions (GFITU). The Iraq Council of Ministers last week announced it would pay one month’s wages to… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Oil Workers Push for More Jobs, Better Pay

Some 2,000 workers recently took part in a rally in Basra organized by the Southern Oil Workers Committee, after the government refused to negotiate over issues such as jobs for unemployed workers, skills training and higher pay for hazardous work. In August 2013, the government excluded workers in the state-run oil sector from receiving wage… [READ MORE]

Iraq Electricity Crisis Illustrates Need for World Bank Labor Safeguards

[Read the full report in English and in Arabic.] The Word Bank released a draft labor safeguard in July 2014. After consultations, a revised version will be released in 2015. The global labor movement and the International Labor Organization (ILO) are concerned about some significant gaps in the draft labor safeguard, specifically that it does not… [READ MORE]

May Day: Workers Demand Their Rights around the World

Union members in Bangladesh, Brazil, Iraq and Morocco were among Solidarity Center allies around the world who rallied, marched in parades and protested in the streets yesterday, marking May Day and the ongoing struggle to ensure workers have a place at the table in the larger global economy and at their workplaces. In Brazil, UAW… [READ MORE]

Iraq Unions Continue to Press for Passage of Labor Law

Iraqi trade union leaders and members are keeping the spotlight on Parliament, urging lawmakers to pass a trade union law that has been pending since January. Some 82 unions members and leaders from all Iraqi trade unions, with support from the Solidarity Center, held a press conference in Basra April 15, their latest effort to… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Workers Rally for Passage of New Labor Law

The Iraqi Parliament is currently voting on a new labor law after union members waged protests around the country in recent days urging lawmakers to act on the bill. The vote been rescheduled several times. Six major Iraqi labor unions, together with the Solidarity Center, have worked since June 2012 to bring proposed changes to… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Parliament Debating Worker Rights Legislation

Update: The draft version of Iraq’s new labor law emerged from Parliament in recent days but falls far short of protecting workers freedom to collectively bargain, according to Iraqi union leaders. On Friday, Iraqi union leaders expressed their concerns to members of Parliament at a Solidarity Center-sponsored conference, and union leaders have written a letter… [READ MORE]

Iraqi Workers Wage Nationwide Protests

Iraqi workers and their unions recently took part in nationwide protests to demand better wages and working conditions and improvements in essential services, such as electricity and infrastructure. The General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) also demanded an end to the exorbitant salaries and pension benefits of government officials, whose compensation offers a sharp contrast… [READ MORE]

Stop Harassing Oil Workers, Iraqi Unions Tell Government

Iraqi unions are strongly protesting the government’s continued, systematic harassment and punishment of union workers in the oil industry who are engaging in actions protected by international labor standards and conventions, and they are calling for a new labor law that ensures worker rights for all Iraqis. ACT NOW! Join the LabourStart campaign! Although the… [READ MORE]