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The Solidarity Center works with a range of Sri Lankan trade unions and community organizations, assisting workers in the garment, tea and informal sectors to secure a collective voice through unions and improve wages, workplace safety and health, and other fundamental rights on the job, as well as advocate for greater worker voice in the democratic process and society more broadly.

Together with local partners, Solidarity Center conducts training around addressing and preventing sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence at work. And, as hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans are being driven from their homes by the economic crisis and lack of decent work, seeking opportunities overseas, the Solidarity Center, unions and migrant rights advocates foster coalition building and champion legislative measures designed to inform and protect workers who leave the country for jobs.

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Communications Director
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Sri Lankan Health Workers Protest Decree that Outlaws Strikes

Health professionals in Sri Lanka took to the streets of Colombo this week to protest a recent presidential decree that public health and electricity provision are essential services, effectively banning all workers in those sectors from striking. The Federation of...

Sri Lanka Unions Step Up Push for Ratification of Gender Violence at Work Treaty

Unions in Sri Lanka are urging the government to follow through with its promise to ratify a global treaty to end gender-based violence and harassment in the world of work by March 2022. The Sri Lanka Trade Union Movement for the Ratification of ILO C190 in Sri Lanka,...

Sri Lanka Garments: First Collective Agreement in Free Trade Zone

The Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union (FTZ & GSEU) has become the first union to successfully bargain a collective agreement with a factory in Sri Lanka’s largest free trade zone. The collective agreement was signed between the union and the...
Sri Lanka: Solidarity Center Condemns Despicable Bombings

Sri Lanka: Solidarity Center Condemns Despicable Bombings

The Solidarity Center is sickened and saddened by the senseless bombings that killed and injured hundreds of people Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. The organization, which works throughout the country and the world with workers across ethnic and religious lines, deplores...

Sri Lanka Workers Win Policy on Gender-Based Violence

Sri Lanka Workers Win Policy on Gender-Based Violence

Union members in Colombo, Sri Lanka, successfully lobbied for a safer workplace by convincing their company to improve policy guidelines to help prevent gender-based violations in the workplace. The effort was inspired by a Solidarity Center awareness-raising training...

Sri Lanka Workers Wage Hunger Strike for Justice at Work

Sri Lanka Workers Wage Hunger Strike for Justice at Work

Some 400 workers at a factory in Sri Lanka have been on strike for more than two months, and two workers are waging a hunger strike to protest the firing of five union leaders. Workers say women have been subject to sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based...

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