Pakistan Unions Make Big Gains in Membership

  • December 5, 2017
  • Solidarity Center

In Pakistan, recent gains in union membership and expansion of worker support services reflect Solidarity Center efforts to promote worker rights through programs and training that address union strengthening, legal and technical education, gender equality and communications outreach. Between 2010-2016, membership in Pakistan unions with which the Solidarity Center engaged increased from 134,801 to 146,724,… [READ MORE]

Children in Brick Kilns Must Not ‘Fall through the Cracks’

  • October 12, 2016
  • Jeff C. Wheeler

More than 168 million children labor around the world, most denied an education and condemned to a cycle of poverty. The sheer number of child laborers underscores the need for reform in the many industries that employ child labor. Reducing and eliminating child labor requires a focus on decent work for adults. In industries that… [READ MORE]

Pakistan Women MPs to Push for Decent Work in Brick Kilns

The effort to secure decent work in Pakistan’s brick kiln industry took a step forward in recent weeks when 18 women parliamentarians vowed to take up the issue in the Punjab Legislature. The move followed their participation in a discussion organized by the Solidarity Center for the Trade Union Female Forum (TUFF). TUFF, a program… [READ MORE]

Pakistan Journalists ‘Step It Up for Gender Equality’

Gender-based violence at the workplace takes many forms—and for journalists, such abuse can mean sexual harassment at the office or assault in the field where they report stories. In Pakistan, journalists and media professionals are learning how to prevent and address gender-based violence as part of Solidarity Center-sponsored trainings designed to assist media professionals in… [READ MORE]

Making Decent Work at Pakistan Brick Kilns a Reality

In Pakistan, where many workers and their children toil in dangerous brick kilns, the Solidarity Center, together with allies in the country, has developed a detailed roadmap for local labor departments to address bonded labor and unsafe working conditions—a program that includes incentives for employers to ensure their facilities meet decent work standards. The Decent… [READ MORE]

Pakistan Journalists Assert Human Rights, Worker Rights

The recent murders of three Pakistani journalists in separate incidents highlight the dangers media professionals in that country face daily on the job. And like workers in all industries, reporters, photographers and other media staff need tools to effectively address safety and health issues at work and ensure their fundamental human rights. Following the launch… [READ MORE]

21 Workers Die in Pakistan Factory Collapse; Many Missing

Workers once again gave their lives for their jobs when a plastic bag factory collapsed in Lahore, Pakistan, yesterday, killing at least 21 and injuring dozens. Between 150 and 200 workers, including child laborers, were in the factory when the building collapsed. Rescuers, who mostly include members of the Pakistan Army, report hearing voices in… [READ MORE]

Sharing the Voices of Marginalized People in Pakistan

  • July 9, 2015
  • Jeff C. Wheeler

“Our problem is that since we are the residents of [the] riverside and known as ‘Boat People,’ our children are suffering,” says a man who lives along the Indus River in Pakistan. The residents of his community make baskets and sell fish, and transport people along the river with boats they spend months making by… [READ MORE]

World Day Against Child Labor: A Focus on Pakistan Brick Kilns

The persistence of child labor—more than 215 million children toil worldwide, some half of whom are exposed to hazardous environments and suffer forced labor and prostitution—is a global shame, one highlighted each June 12 on World Day Against Child Labor. Further, an estimated 10.5 million children worldwide labor as domestic workers in people’s homes, in… [READ MORE]

Pakistan Federations Seek Unification for Stronger Worker Voice

Recognizing that “the challenges confronting the working men and women in Pakistan cannot be effectively” addressed without a strong and united workers’ voice, the Pakistan Workers Federation and eight other union federations are seeking to unify their organizations. Leaders from the federations, which include the Muttahida Labor Federation (MLF) and the All Pakistan Trade Union… [READ MORE]