Women’s Economic Empowerment and Workers Rights

Globally, women are paid 30 percent less than men—but “imagine instead of corporations making 30 percent more off women’s labor, imagine if that 30 percent were coming back to our communities in the form of wages,” says Shawna Bader-Blau, Solidarity Center executive director. Speaking on the panel, “Women’s Economic Empowerment and Workers Rights,” a Solidarity… [READ MORE]

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Joined Us to Mark 20!

Participants at the 2016 Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) convention joined the Solidarity Center to celebrate 20 years of working together at a gathering that also launched the first of a year-long series of events marking the Solidarity Center’s 20th anniversary in 2017. Speaking at the May 27 reception in Washington, D.C., CBTU President… [READ MORE]

May Day: Photos of Worker Actions Around the World

Hundreds of thousands of workers and their unions around the world marked International Workers Day May 1. For many, the day provided a time to push for living wages and safe workplaces. Yet this year, governments in some countries like Bahrain and Swaziland banned May Day celebrations or threatened workers with retaliation if they turned out—and… [READ MORE]

Union-Led Protests Slow Job Outsourcing Bill in Brazil

Brazil lawmakers have postponed a vote on a bill that would expand job outsourcing after a series of union-led protests drew tens of thousands of workers to streets across the country. The law would allow public and private employers to contract out all jobs, enabling employers to replace workers who have direct employment contracts with… [READ MORE]

May Day: Workers Demand Their Rights around the World

Union members in Bangladesh, Brazil, Iraq and Morocco were among Solidarity Center allies around the world who rallied, marched in parades and protested in the streets yesterday, marking May Day and the ongoing struggle to ensure workers have a place at the table in the larger global economy and at their workplaces. In Brazil, UAW… [READ MORE]

Women Agricultural Workers Break Their Invisibility

Working in large-scale agriculture creates a whole new set of challenges for women—exposure to harsh pesticides and chemicals, isolation, sexual harassment and violence and a production quota that seeks to “turn women into machines.” But women in agriculture also have the opportunity to earn wages that can better themselves and their families, said Samantha Tate,… [READ MORE]

Women in Manufacturing Share Empowerment Strategies

With images of the April 24 Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh as a backdrop, five union and community activists discussed the struggles women face in the light manufacturing industry—and how they are being empowered—in today’s first plenary at the Solidarity Center on gender equality.  More than 100 participants from 20 countries are meeting July… [READ MORE]

Empowering Women: Organizing in Garment Factories, Maquilas

Women working in garment factories and similar jobs in the light manufacturing industry face many challenges—low pay, uncertain hours, unsafe working conditions and even age discrimination. For instance, in Honduran maquilas, the upper age limit for employment recently was lowered from 35 to 28, throwing many women out of their jobs. Employers in light manufacturing… [READ MORE]