Your Donations to Ebola Fund Reach Thousands of Workers

Union members across Liberia have taken the lead in Ebola education and prevention among workers and their families, holding awareness trainings for thousands of workers and supplying them with hand-washing buckets and sanitation cleansers donated in part through the Solidarity Center West Africa Ebola Fund. At the Firestone Natural Rubber Plantation in Margibi County, where… [READ MORE]

Liberia and Nigeria Unions Act against Ebola

Unions in Liberia and Nigeria are teaching union members, their families and local communities how to prevent transmission of the Ebola virus and speaking out on behalf of health care and other front-line workers. The United Workers’ Union of Liberia (UWUL) and the Firestone Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia (FAWUL) announced a joint action plan… [READ MORE]

Liberian Workers Seek to Close Wage Gap with Expats

Miners, forklift drivers and other workers at ArcelorMittal in Liberia are seeking to close the wage gap between residents and expatriate workers, who can receive up to 10 times the salary for the same work. But contract negotiations between the United Workers Union of Liberia Local 4 and ArcelorMittal have stalled, with management refusing to agree… [READ MORE]

Women’s Day 2014: Unionists Around the World Educate, Mobilize

Hundreds of workers from multiple garment factories rallied in recent days at the National Press Club in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where they formed a human chain and demanded equal wages, equal rights and equal dignity for woman workers in the ready-made-garment (RMG) sector. The action was among many around the world throughout the past week as… [READ MORE]

Oretha Tarnue: Mobilizing, Empowering Liberian Domestic Workers

Each day this week leading up to International Women’s Day March 8, the Solidarity Center will highlight an example of how women and their unions are taking action to improve women’s lives on the job, in their unions and in their communities. Oretha Tarnue, vice president of the United Workers Union of Liberia (UWUL) and… [READ MORE]

Liberian Union Signs Agreement with Mining Multinational

On Friday, August 31, the United Workers Union of Liberia (UWUL) signed an historic collective bargaining agreement with the largest mining multinational in Liberia. The agreement—retroactive to April 1, 2012—includes salary increases and improved benefits. It also codifies a system of labor relations at all the multinational’s facilities, setting up avenues for labor-management dialogue in… [READ MORE]

Liberia: Decent Work in Law and Practice Key to Worker Rights, Says Union Leader

  • June 21, 2012
  • Christopher Berardino

In Liberia, unions are working to ensure worker rights are preserved and protected in the country’s rubber industry and beyond. Edwin Cisco, general secretary of the Firestone Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia (FAWUL), says his union is focused on three specific remedies for issues facing Liberian rubber and other workers. During a lunchtime briefing last… [READ MORE]