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Bringing a Global Perspective to U.S. Labor Education Conference. March 27, 2013—Solidarity Center staff are leading workshops or presenting panels with a global focus at the 2014 conference of the US-based United Association for Labor Education (UALE), this week in Los Angeles.

Kenya: A Commitment to Unionize Informal-Sector Workers. January 29, 2013— In Kenya, where the informal sector accounts for 80 percent of employment and contributes 25 percent to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), union outreach is helping give these workers a voice on the job.

Georgia: Establishing Formal Agreements for Workers in Informal Markets.
January 31, 2012—With a labor code that disadvantages workers and an increasingly hostile attitude toward the rights of working people, the Republic of Georgia is no easy place to join or persist in a union. This is particularly true for people trying to eke out a living in the informal economy.

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